Library Hours and Closing Days

  • Monday-Friday: 8:45-22:00 / Saturday: 9:00-17:00

  • Closing DaysSundays, National holidays, New Year's holidays, Days of entrance examination, some periods during summer and spring vacations.

    • Any changes will be announced in advance on the library’s website and library bulletin board.

Entering and Leaving the Library

  • Entering the libraryTouch your ID card (Student ID, Faculty ID or Library card) on the reader to pass through the entrance gate.

  • Leaving the libraryTouch the card on the reader again as you leave.
    If you take out library materials without checking out, a buzzer will sound and the gate will be locked.

Borrowing Materials

  • Loan period / Items / Renewal

      Loan period Items Renewal
    Undergraduate students / Research students One week Up to Seven items Three times
    Graduate students・Staff Thirty days Up to Ten items Two times
  • A library card is necessary to borrow anything from the library.
    Please bring the items you wish to borrow to the library counter.

  • The Following Materials may not be borrowed
    Journals / Newspapers / Reference Books / DVDs / Videotapes / Books with red labels.

  • Overnight loanMembers of NUHW can take Books out with red labels and current journals on overnight loan, but the loan does not include AV materials and bound periodicals. Overnight loan begins three hours before the library closes and they must be returned by next day within one hour after opening.

  • Part-time lecturers can apply for a library card.

  • The loan period and number of items are expanded during summer vacation, spring vacation, and New year’s holidays.

  • Students can borrow the items for the long term during their practicum.

  • Renewing booksYou can renew the books at the library counter during the loan period up to three times.
    Reserved cannot be renewed, and if you have any overdue books or you are in a period of suspension, you cannot renew the books either.

    • Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty members and staff can renew the books from “My OPAC” on the library’s website.

Returning Materials

  • You must return books to the library counter by the due date. When the Library is closed, a “Return Box” is available outside the entrance of the Library.

  • Unless you have any overdue books, (for you cannot borrow any books for the number of days that the book was late. You cannot borrow any materials for overdue days. You cannot borrow any materials without returning overdue materials first.


  • You can request out-of-loan books at the library counter.

  • Students, Graduate students, faculty members and staff can reserve books from OPAC.

    • As soon as the reserved items is returned, library will notify you through a library bulletin board or by E-mail.

Accessing Materials

  • Most of books are classified and arranged according to the Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC) system.

  • Japanese and Non-Japanese books on the second floor are located in different sections and arranged according to the call Number(NDC).

  • The journals are arranged alphabetically according to the title.

  • You must submit a request form to request an item in the library stack room.

  • Nippon Decimal Classification(NDC)

    000 General works 500 Technology
    100 Philosophy 600 Industry
    200 History 700 The arts
    300 Social sciences 800 Language
    400 Natural sciences 900 Literature

Finding materials

Using Audio-Visual Materials

  • You can use videotapes, DVDs, CDs and other Audio Visual materials in the library’s collection at the AV personal booth.

  • Please bring the AV materials you wish to use to the library counter. We can lend you headphones and a remote controller.

  • After using these devices, please return them to the library counter. AV materials must be returned to their original location.

Using PCs and Internet

  • There are nine PCs for searching information.

  • Personal data or documents cannot be saved into library computers.

Copying Materials

  • It is possible to make copies of some of the library materials in accordance with Section 31 of the National copyright Act.

  • There are four copy machines including three prepaid card-operated machines and one coin-operated machine. A prepaid card is available at the convenience store on campus or from a vending machine in the library.

Reference Service

  • The librarians will assist you in searching for information about books, journals and other materials.
    Please contact a librarian if you have any questions.

Using materials of other libraries

  • Interlibrary loan serviceYou can request books or copies of materials if the library does not own them. You will responsible for any expenses incurred.

  • Letter of introductionWhen you visit other university’s library, you may need a letters of introduction. It will take a few days to issue the letter from Library Director.

Request materials

  • The library will consider the purchase of materials if they are not in their possession and are considered necessary. The person who requests them will be able to borrow materials preferentially.


  • "My OPAC" is a portal web page for the individuals to receive the library services.

  • On the web page, you will be able to check which items you have borrowed and when they are due for return.

Terms of Use

  • The silence must be maintained within the library and no one should disturb other users.

  • Respect the rule of deadline, entrance way and the use of each corner.

  • Covered drinks are allowed in the library, but please be sure to keep them in your bag.

  • Please set your mobile phone to silent mode and refrain from talking on the phone except in designated areas or outside the building.

  • Please handle with care the materials and equipment and keep the establishment in order.

  • Keep valuables in your possession at all times.